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Mika is Finally Coming to Blue Archive!

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Attention all Archivers! Excitement is brewing as the highly anticipated F.SCT Strategic Battle (False Sanctum Tower Strategic Battle (F.SCT攻略戦) event makes its way to the world of Blue Archive. This event brings so much content and should be an absolute blast. The exact English name of the event may change with the global release round the corner.

F.SCT Strategic Battle (False Sanctum Tower Strategic Battle (F.SCT攻略戦)

Total Assault and Joint Firing drill will be on hold while this event takes place, and there will be some extremely lucrative rewards for those that put in the effort. Players will fight against multiple Total Assault bosses and gain rewards for doing so, in a new mode called Combined Operations.

Combined Operations


There are a ton of rewards up for grabs here. Elephs, Eligma, Blu Rays, Books, you name it.. As compensation for Total Assault and Joint Firing drill not being active, all of the Elephs you would be able to get for those modes will also be available as rewards in Combined Operations.

Event Rewards

Meet Mika: The Yellow Unit with Absurdly High Damage

  • Princess? Check
  • Highest damage in the game? Check
  • Don’t think sensei, just pull for her

With the global servers being six months behind the Japanese servers, we’ve known about Mika for a while. Her raw damage output is going to completely change gameplay on many many levels. Mika is a yellow unit who ALWAYS CRITS. Yes, you heard me right, her fourth skill means that every attack Mika does is a crit, now can you see why we’ve been anticipating her arrival so much? Her damage output is so high that she’ll be one shotting tanks in PvP. Her banner will be available for one week, so save those Pyros!

Mika Misono

Free Pyroxene and New Chapter of Story

The devs will be giving out x1200 FREE pryos in the lead up to this event. The devs will be holding a live stream in celebration the release of the Main Story Part 1 Final Episode on 7/21 (Fri) at 9:00 AM (UTC).

In Conclusion

The event should be live on Tuesday 25th July after maintenance, don’t miss it! Tons of rewards, free pyro, story updates, one of the best characters of the game.. If you haven’t played in a while, now is the best time to start playing again, you don’t want to miss this.

If you’ve not played Blue Archive before, this would be a great opportunity to jump in and try it out! Download it in the Google Play link below.

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