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Blue Archive Kivotos Live! Announcement Summary

The Blue Archive devs’ livestream, Kivotos! Live, had some exciting announcements today. Here are the key takeaways from the event:

Key Points

These are the main points of the livestream:

  • New Character banners, featuring Mika, Megu, Kanna, Sakurako, Nagisa, Toki, and Koyuki.
  • An upcoming event with 100 free pulls for players.
  • Level cap increase to 85, along with new tiers of Commissions.
  • A thrilling new Story Chapter – “Main Story Part 1 Final Episode: Where All Miracles Begin Chapter 1: Operation Recapture Schale.”
  • Triple reward event notification for Hard Modes, Normal Modes, and more.
  • Fresh Emotes for club chat, promising new ways to express yourself.
  • More abundant Pyroxene in purchasable packs, making your purchases go further.
  • An impressive teaser trailer for the upcoming Blue Archive anime, created by Yostar Pictures.
  • New merch arriving at the Schale Store, including acrylic stands and wall scrolls.
  • Generous free gifts, including x2400 pyroxene, awaiting players.

New Character Banners:

The roadmap unveiled an exciting lineup of new character banners, headlined by Mika, Megu, Kanna, Sakurako, Nagisa, Toki, and Koyuki. Better yet, we can look forward to 100 free pulls during one of these events (10 a day for 10 days) to expand our roster.

Level Cap Increase to 85:

Blue Archive players will witness a level cap increase to 85, accompanied by new tiers of Commissions. It’s a fantastic opportunity to further develop our characters and enhance our gameplay.

New Story Chapter:

Prepare for an enthralling new chapter in the Blue Archive story: “Main Story Part 1 Final Episode: Where All Miracles Begin Chapter 1: Operation Recapture Schale.” With the captivating narrative we’ve experienced thus far, this new segment is sure to deliver.

Triple Rewards and Double XP:

They’re really giving us the good stuff here. The upcoming events offer triple rewards for Normal, Hard, Bounty, Commissions, Lesson, and Scrimmage, in addition to double XP. It’s the perfect time to level up and gather essential gear.

New Emotes:

We’re getting some hot new emotes that you can spam to your hearts content in club chat! Ain’t no way they put a Sus emote in the game.. 💢💢💢

Increased Pyroxene in Purchasable Packs:

A significant development for Blue Archive players – packs now contain more Pyroxene, ensuring your purchases provide greater value. Plus, a new 1-time purchase pack offers x8000 Pyroxene for the price of the most expensive one!

New Teaser Trailer for Upcoming Anime:

A brand new teaser trailer dropped for the upcoming Blue Archive anime, and I must say it looks amazing. Created by Yostar Pictures, who also created the Azur Lane Slow Ahead and Arknights anime, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be high quality.

New Merch at the Schale Store:

Mark your calendars for July 27th! The Shcale Store will debut a plethora of exciting new merch, including acrylic stands, wall scrolls, and other Kivotos goodies.

Generous Free Gifts:

Blue Archive has surprises in store for its players! Upon logging in, you’ll receive x1200 Pyro and a bunch of other goodies. During Mika‘s event on July 25th, another x1200 Pyroxene will be gifted. They’re definitely encouraging us to take part in the event!

This event is a monumental occasion for Blue Archive players, so don’t miss out! Ensure you log in promptly to claim your enticing free rewards, and make preparations to gear up for the highly anticipated event arriving next week.

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